Welcome to Teach a Heart

A website dedicated to parents as teachers. As this site grows, you will find carefully selected services and resources dedicated to helping you teach your child in the best way possible.

Elementary & Middle School

I offer instruction in the following subjects using high quality curricula and materials.

  • Reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary
  • Math
  • Latin, beginning Spanish
  • History & Geography
  • Study Skills

I believe children learn best through meaningful repetition; therefore I use a variety of hands-on activities and games in addition to more traditional drill and practice to create a well-balanced approach to each subject.

Secondary School

I will work with high school students who want to make progress in the following areas.

  • English literature, grammar, writing, vocabulary
  • History & Geography
  • Philosophy
  • Beginning and intermediate Latin
  • Beginning Russian and Spanish
  • Study Skills

With high school students I act as both an instructor and a facilitator helping students take responsibility for their own learning.



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